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HCI 2013 International, hcii2013.org
Welcome Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
HCI International 2013
21 - 26 July 2013, Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Human Aspects of Information Security, Privacy and Trust

Indicative topics/keywords of the broad spectrum of issues to be addressed:

  • Fine balancing between user friendliness and strong security
  • Human behaviour in security and privacy
  • Secure and trustworthy ambient intelligence
  • Security and privacy in social networking
  • Security policies and user behaviour
  • Trustworthy biometric security
  • Trustworthy life-logging
  • Usable authentication mechanisms
  • User centric and trustworthy Future Internet
  • User centric security and privacy
  • User centric security and privacy in the cloud
  • User psychology and social influence in security and privacy decisions
  • User Security and Privacy by design

Program Board

Program Chairs:

Louis Marinos, ENISA EU

Ioannis Askoxylakis, Greece

Board Members:

  • Claudio Agostino Ardagna, Italy
  • Zinaida Benenson, Germany
  • Daniele Catteddu, Italy
  • Raoul Chiesa, Italy
  • Bryan Cline, United States
  • Sadie Creese, United Kingdom
  • Jorge Cuellar, Germany
  • Marc Dacier, United States
  • Dieter Gollmann, Germany
  • Kirstie Hawkey, Canada
  • Jaap-Henk Hoepman, The Netherlands
  • Cagatay Karabat, Turkey
  • Angelos Keromytis, United States
  • Ayako Komatsu, Japan
  • Ronald Leenes, The Netherlands
  • Javier Lopez, Spain
  • Steve Marsh, Canada
  • Gregorio Martinez, Spain
  • Emilio Mordini, Italy
  • Yuko Murayama, Japan
  • Masakatsu Nishigaki, Japan
  • Aljosa Pasic, Spain
  • Milan Petković, The Netherlands
  • Joachim Posegga, Germany
  • Jean-Jacques Quisquater, Belgium
  • Damien Sauveron, France
  • George Spanoudakis, United Kingdom
  • Kerry-Lynn Thomson, South Africa
  • Julien Touzeau, France
  • Theo Tryfonas, United Kingdom
  • João Vilela, Portugal
  • Claire Vishik, United Kingdom
  • Melanie Volkamer, Germany

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